AGR Technology: 5 Reasons Why Sitemaps Are of Critical Importance for Business Websites (SEO and User Experience)

Does your website have a well-configured sitemap? If it doesn’t, you better hope search engines look upon you favourably.

Sitemaps are used by both search engines and your website users. Encasing the architecture of your website, they list out all of the URLs and pages associated with your domain, linking to each, while clearly defining the structure and flow of content.

For search engines, sitemaps are used to search, crawl, and index your website. When it comes to user experience, sitemaps help users clearly understand the navigation and order of website content, with links provided for ease-of-access.

Below, search engine optimisation (SEO) experts AGR Technology explain what sitemaps are in more detail, and give us 5 reasons why they are of critical importance:

What is a sitemap?

The definition of a sitemap: it’s a way of listing all of the published pages on your website in list form, to help both search engines and users navigate the website.

XML sitemap: This type of sitemap is typically automatically generated. Search engines use them to crawl your website (essentially scan it), make sense of the content, and index your website pages within their search results.

HTML sitemap: This type of sitemap can be accessed by your website users. It’s typically a static page containing all of the links to pages on your website, structured in list form that’s easy to view and navigate. This helps users scan, find and access content.

5 reasons why sitemaps are of critical importance to business websites:

XML sitemaps make it easy for search engines to crawl and index your website pages
XML sitemaps help search engines determine priority pages vs pages of lesser importance
XML sitemaps help search engines crawl and index new content on your websites

4, HTML sitemaps help users make sense of your website’s navigation and structure

HTML sitemaps act as an architect for your website – and this is particularly useful when building or restructuring a website

(Example of a sitemap generated inside populat platforms like WordPress)

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