Some of the
technologies used in
Education (EdTech)
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1) Learning Management System (LMS)
What is it?
Software platform designed to deliver content to students in a centralised format and
manage the content provided by teachers for their students
Common features:
- Attendance tracking
- User & role management with ability to setup different permissions
- Progress tracking
- Analytics & user feedback
- Assignments, grading and modules
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Interactive Whiteboards
What is it?
Hardware & software designed to replicate a traditional whiteboard but with
interactive functionality for students and teachers such as touchscreen capabilities.
Common features:
- Options to run interactive quizzes
- Display presentations from a connected computer
- Run touchscreen capable learning games and applications for increased student
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Student Information Systems (SIS)
What is it?
Software platform similar to an LMS but focused on the administration side of schools to
manage student information such as attendance, school records, parent information and
Common features:
- Billing & payment record storage
- Real-time reporting and sharing with parents
- Scheduling of exams and tests
- Storage of medical information about students such as allergies etc
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Reference Management Software
What is it?
Software designed to help students keep track of information sources in their research for
different educational projects
Common features:
- Cite different documents (online and books)
- Cite sources according to different university standards such as Harvard, MLA & APA
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Massive Open Online Cources (MOOC’s)
What is it?
Online platforms that facilitate access over the internet of course material to students
without formal teaching. MOOC’s only require internet access and students and consume
course material at their own pace by watching videos typically broken up into modules.
Common features:
- Course library categorised in different subject types
- Course progress tracking for users
- Ability to access free and paid course material
- Commenting and contact options to ask questions or network with others
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